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Mid Century Marvel (4)

“I sort of regret not doing something special with them,” she said of the toilet bowls. “It was just so ridiculous.”


The family was also without a kitchen for four months — which meant many nights of pizza, sandwiches and Kraft Easy Mac. Smokler also recalled resorting to making food in the bathroom, using a crockpot to make pot roast.


“I came out with this platter of pot roast, and my daughter said, ‘If you think I’m eating that, when it came from there, you are so wrong,’” Smokler laughed. They ordered pizza that night.


Needless to say, the home took some getting used to, and “In retrospect, I would not recommend gutting a house while living in it, especially with three kids,” said Smokler, adding that it wasn’t her best decision. Next time, she’ll take baby steps, but the end result was a huge payoff.


Her new spacious home has four bedrooms, an office, a kids lounge area, a den and four bathrooms— decorated with a mix of decor purchased from consignment shops, HomeGoods and Target.


The children’s game room and living space is unmistakably primed for fun, with a vintage “Indiana Jones” pinball machine, baskets