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pursuit, which includes a podcast called “Generation-Ex” that discusses navigating the roads as a divorcee with a divorced friend of hers. Smokler, who is still dickering with several podcast companies, hopes to launch the project in early summer. “[My kids] don’t want to hear about their mom dating and all the stuff that is happening right now, so I’m trying to figure out that timeline.”


The writer, who started the blog in 2008 to chronicle her life as a stay-at-home mom, sold the company, officially leaving last spring (2018), in hopes of creating a cozier platform where she gets to talk about her new experiences as a 40-year-old dating divorcee.


Smokler bought the home on Nov. 1, 2017, (a day after Halloween, since she was superstitious). Renovations began shortly after in December, taking around eight months, which was especially grueling since Smokler and her children— Evan, 11; Ben, 13 and Lily, 15 — had already moved in.


The home looked like it was straight out of an ’80s film, covered in floral wallpaper that coordinated with toilet seat covers, bedding and pillows. It was more than she could take.


“It was really, really ugly,” Smokler said. “Until I really dove in, I don’t think I understood the scale of what I had to do.”


She designed the renovations herself; contractors, including Artur Works of Timonium, did the grunt work. There was the stripping of window treatments, curtains, valances and mahogany wood floors, which she had lightened. The home’s entire electrical system had to be redone. A major load-bearing wall had to be knocked down in order for Smokler to open up the kitchen in the way she envisioned, and bathrooms, each with pastel toilet bowls, had to be renovated.