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Mid Century Marvel (2)

by brittany britto Baltimore at Home
photos by lloyd fox


Sitting in the living room of her new Pikesville home, best-selling author Jill Smokler glances out the floor-to-ceiling windows at her lush backyard — her personal oasis, complete with a patio, hammock and pool — the part of the home she fell in love with first.


“I had just come from this retreat in Mexico where I spent so much time in a pool and vowed that I had to find some way to be around the water more regularly, and then I saw this pool,” she said. “I didn’t even need to see the house. I just wanted to live there.”


The windows were also convincing, making the room that she sits in now feel open and light, something Smokler said she needed after “a long, darkish period.”


What seems to be a picture-perfect home didn’t come easy for Smokler. It was the culminating new chapter in the life of the bestselling author who, in 2008, begot the popular “Scary Mommy” blog — which she has since sold— about the highs and woes of parenting. After her divorce from her husband, who revealed he was gay in 2017, Smokler wanted a fresh start. She put what she once believed was her forever home in Mount Washington on the market, had an estate sale, and searched for a new home.


“I wanted to find a house that was the polar opposite of anything I ever lived in before, and this was pretty much it,” Smokler said of her one-level midcentury pad. She let go of her need to have multiple levels and traded in the big rooms and grand ceilings of her Mount Washington family home.


“I felt it wasn’t a home unless I heard little pitter patters down the stairs, and this just seemed like a 180 from where I was,” she said. “I thought it was my forever house, and I loved it, but now that I’m here, I do love this one.”


The 3,800-square-foot house symbolizes the next stage of her life, in which she hopes to continue some of the candidness that she’s been known for during the past decade, but this time as a single, dating mother of tweens and a teen.


“[I want to] start talking about the issues that I care about, and the age and stage that I’m in and my kids are in. It’s a little more complicated than when they were toddlers, where I could write little stories and they’d never know,” she said. Now, her children are on social media and are following her. But it’s her goal to keep things PG-13 in her next