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Q and A

Why do you think the concept and the Instagram photos resonate so deeply with people?


Because everyone can understand being one with greenery. Bringing that sort of warmth indoors is inspiring and appealing. When people see it, they want that in their lives. That’s really what my account is: It’s inspiration and lessons on how to care for the actual plants that you are bringing into your house. I want to show people how it’s possible to have their space look, but also give them a bit of information on how to care for those things.


What’s a simple way for someone to bring the ‘Wild at Home’ concept to their own space?


The easiest way is to understand where your light is coming from and then understand what types of plants work best for that lighting situation.


And then having a keen eye for what looks good also helps. It’s not an easy thing to teach, so in my book I try to set up simple ways to place a plant in part of the room versus just taking any sort of plants or pots and tossing them in the room without any idea of where or how that placement affects the overall look.


What would be an easy way for someone to bring a little bit of style to their plants?


Adding in levels is the one thing people could benefit from, making it so that as someone enters the space, you’re making their eyes move up and down and side to side. You should have levels of heights of where plants function.


And one other small thing is, I don’t think people take into consideration the types of pots they are placing their plants in: Instead of just going for what is simple, like a terracotta pot, understanding there are so many different styles of pots they can work into their home.