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Gifts for Fitness Fanatics (2)

more. These socks ensure a perfect fit with compression sock arch support bands and an extra-deep heel pocket. Shop fun colors and styles for everyone on your list! Because who can’t use a good pair of socks? Available at




No need to be late for yoga or Barre class trying to juggle car keys, water bottle, cell phone and mat. Use the Easy Cinch Yoga Sling to secure your mat and toss it over your shoulder. The easy-to-use adjustable yoga mat sling means your mat will be safe and secure, and you’ll be hands free. Enter class less harried and ready to Namaste or tuck and crunch. Comes in gray or mulberry (shown.) Available at




Our bodies tend to stagnate when doing the same workout over and over again. A five-, 10-, or 20-pack of classes from Rev Cycle Studio for either spin or barre classes will change it up. With locations in Federal Hill as well as in Butchers Hill, a spin class at Rev is unlike any other. Passionate instructors are more than ready to motivate you to crush a ride filled with sprints, climbs and core strengthening techniques. Lose yourself in the music as you flush out the stress on the bike. Continue the burn with a barre class, where between tiny little lifts and tucks muscles that you didn’t even know existed will be worked, strengthened and toned. Single, drop-in classes as well as memberships are also available. Leave class energized and ready to handle whatever life throws at you! Available at




Orangetheory workouts are great for the numbers junkie, the person who tries to beat their last finish time in a 5k, or likes playing with numbers such as heart rate or intensity to see results. Orangetheory is a onehour, full body workout, focusing on training endurance, strength and/or power. The workout utilizes Heart Rate Based Interval Training, which burns more calories after your workout than a traditional exercise. The idea is for your heart rate to stay in the “Orange Zone,” which you’ll be able to see while wearing their heart rate monitor. Real time results are displayed on large screens throughout the studio. Workouts come in packs of 10, 20 or 30 classes and monthly memberships are available. Fitness coaches lead you throughout the workout to keep you from over or under training. Think of it as a personalized workout without having to pay for a personal trainer! Available at




This gift is perfect for the person on your list who would like to try some classes, but doesn’t want to get locked into a certain type of class. A 10 pack of team training classes will allow the recipient to try any of the classes: Mx45, Xcelerate, Bootcamp or Barre classes. Change it up every week by trying a different class! Prices available for members and non-members of Brick Bodies. For more information, go to •