Holiday Entertaining Guide - Page 14 - Bake batches of Christmas memories

Holiday Entertaining Guide
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Bake batches of Christmas memories
The merriment of the holidays is built on many things: cheerful wishes of happiness and goodwill from strangers. Memories of sleigh rides across fields of sparkling snow.The joy to be found in giving gifts to friends and loved ones.

But really, what makes the holidays merry and bright are all the cookies. How could they not? Cookies are the ornaments that we hang on the Christmas tree of life.

This season, I made seven batches of cookies (so far).That’s a lot of sugar and butter, some of which ended up on the floor, but it was worth it.

I started, ominously, with a mistake. I was paging through a French cookbook, saw a recipe for croquets and thought, in my inattentiveness, that it was a recipe for croquantes. In my defense, it was right above a recipe for cream-filled croquantes, so you can understand the confusion.

Croquantes are thin, rolled, buttery cookies, which is why you can fill them with cream. Croquets are thick, hard, crispy cookies that are France’s version of biscotti and cannot be filled with cream or anything else.

So I made the croquets, which have a lovely almond flavor kissed with a hint of lemon. They were light enough that they were easy to eat, which was fortunate because they tasted so good I couldn’t stop at just one. Or two. Or three.

Next, I went ahead and made the cream-