Harford Magazine - Page 52 - Haute in Havre de Grace (3)

Harford Magazine
- Page 52
Haute in Havre de Grace (3)

vineyard and binged on “The View” and “The Talk.”


While at home, he chose to cancel an upcoming show in Tokyo to “heal correctly.” His dimly lit bedroom turned into a meditation room.


“There’s been a lot of spiritual healing. There has been lots of prayer,” he admits. “It made me closer to God in my opinion.”


Fast-forward almost a week to just three days before he would embark on a multi-city and -country tour that includes stops in Paris, Berlin, Hawaii, Miami, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Stockholm, and an almost tranquil Boi was relaxing at home deciding what he was going to eat that evening.


“I’m going to bake some mac and cheese, fry some chicken and make collard greens,” he says. “I’m definitely making baked macaroni and cheese. That’s definitely happening.”


A self-admitted foodie, Boi says he’s been cooking since he was 7. “My mom would let me make my siblings [his three older sisters] dinner. I started with lasagna,” he recalls.


Boi wants to leverage his love of food into a money-making opportunity.


He recently launched an ice cream flavor PINK with Philadelphia-based ice cream maker Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Boi describes the pink-hued treat as tasting like a flat cherry cola. He plans to sell it in Baltimore in the coming months.


And he’s filming a video series “Stevie Boi Eats” done in a “guerrilla-style way” where he’s recorded eating and drinking at various restaurants during his travels. He plans to shop the show to various networks.


When he’s not cooking and eating, or catching up on his favorite shows — he also likes Lifetime movies — he’s catching up on some much-needed sleep.


He’ll usually try and spend as much time away from the computer as possible — it never lasts more than a half-day — before going down the rabbit hole of posts, likes and comments. But he knows it’s worth it to continue building his brand.


“This is all a facade,” he says as he points to his face full of makeup and his new ensemble — this time he’s wearing an oversized blush sheer tunic with gigantic billowing sleeves. He’s ditched a hat for a black piece of fabric that he’s wrapped around his head like a scarf. A burst of hair sticks up on the top of his head. A new