Harford Magazine - Page 50 - Haute in Havre de Grace (2)

Harford Magazine
- Page 50
Haute in Havre de Grace (2)

Ty Hunter, and fashion industry insiders and glitterati.


“I convinced the doctors to let me leave the hospital,” he says. “The show must go on.”


After the show, Boi skipped his own after-party at The London Hotel.


“I didn’t go to it,” he laments. “I went right to sleep. … I only shared this with a couple of people.”


The scare taught him to value himself.


“I’m going to start pacing what I do right now,” he says. “I was putting everyone before me during Fashion Week — clients, sponsors. It could have been worse. I could have been dead. I’m going to put myself first. I always put everyone before me.”


Boi’s mother, Grace Scott, laments that she hopes her son takes better care of himself.


“When he comes home, he’ll sleep the whole time until it’s time to go again. He’s not getting younger. He looks young,” she says. “When I heard about that accident, it knocked me off my feet. I worry about him all day, every day. I’m concerned about his health and well-being. But as a mother, you can give all the advice you can. But he has to adhere to the advice. I love it when he’s here and settled. I don’t have to worry about him doing too much.”


Boi says with a laugh: “She’s so supportive. My mom has my back like a chiropractor.” Boi returned to the “beloved” confines of his Havre de Grace home for familiarity and comfort.


There he snuggled up in his full-size bed with a bottle of wine from his neighbor’s