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Haute in Havre de Grace

living out of suitcases,” he says. “I moved home to save money.”


In Havre de Grace, Boi says he’s found a sense of peace.


“There’s no place like home — especially like your parent’s home,” he says in a whimsical “Wizard of Oz” voice.


This day, he was dressed in a light pink wide-brimmed hat; a partly sheer multicolored pink jumpsuit; raspberry-colored socks and black Nike sneakers. He completes the outfit with an iridescent pink visor-type pair of glasses — all from his recent PINK fashion collection that he debuted in September during New York Fashion Week.


Boi has spent the past week at home preparing for his coming world tour and recuperating from his fashion show, which was particularly brutal.


Long days of model castings, fittings and paying painstaking attention to the other laborious details associated with organizing a 230-guest show in New York City had taken their toll on Boi.


“I overheated,” he recalls. “It was 100 degrees in New York City. I fell directly on my face in the hotel lobby as I was heading to get to bed. I was so hot. The room kept spinning. The hall kept spinning. I passed out.”


Boi was unconscious for 30 seconds and was taken to a hospital where he had emergency plastic surgery. He suffered cuts to his neck, chin and lip. His cheek was partially dislocated, he says.


“I make money off my face,” he says, adding that he wore a mask during the show to hide his swollen face and protruding lip. “I chose a plastic surgeon.”


A “scared and depressed” designer spent the entire day in the hospital before being released just in time to present his PINK collection before a starr-studded crowd that included Whoopi Goldberg, Beyoncé’s stylist