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‘Main’ event (2)

assortment of cannellini beans, tomato nicoise and haricots verts.


You can’t go far without running into seared sea scallops on a menu, but you’d be lucky to find any as tender, mild and subtly flavorful as the ones we enjoyed here, topped with a vivid dash of romesco. The dish gained further enhancement from a butternut squash puree, brown butter parsnips, and an arugula-almond salad.


Desserts were on a likewise stellar plane, including an elegant baked apple with marshmallow cream, and a refined, sweet-tart lemon curd with strawberries.


And then there was the bread pudding. I know what you’re thinking — not another bread pudding. But this one had such remarkable personality, the slight crispiness on the outside giving way to a rich, creamy, almost cake-like interior.


Convivial, seamless service was one more sign of how serious One Eleven Main is about providing a first-rate dining experience for foodies and just plain folks alike.