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In Good Company (5)
“People sometimes talk about having a certain amount of drama backstage. There was none of that,” he says. “This was the most positive production. People came together and acted like a family for several months, and we stay in touch with each other.”

What can local theater fans expect from Scottfield in the future? A steady stream of fresh productions and, hopefully, even more shows.

“We’re keeping our ear real close to all the houses to see what’s going to be coming off fresh from Broadway and down the road,” says Herlinger.

Titelman noted that the Scottfield team has already received many enthusiastic suggestions for shows and requests for audition information. They’re hoping for more.

“We have a forum on our website including a part where you can fill out a show suggestion,” says Titelman. “We would love for as many people to get involved as possible. Keep reaching out, auditioning, coming to shows. We’re just enjoying it right now. Positivity has surrounded us. It’s been a great experience.”

For more information about Scottfield Theatre Company, including a schedule of performances for “Mamma Mia!” and tickets, visit scottfieldtheatrecompany.org.