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In Good Company (4)
we couldn’t put it there, so we moved it into the hallway,” recalls Herlinger. “Then the fire marshal came through and said no, you can’t do that — two days before opening.”

The Opera House staff and the Scottfield team scrambled to find a spot for the orchestra, eventually settling on a space that didn’t block any fire exits.

The people who work with Scottfield credit the experience developed over the course of the founders’ careers for the company’s success so far.

Katie Gordon, a Havre de Grace resident playing the role of Donna in “Mamma Mia!,” cites Herlinger’s skill as a director and likability as a person for some of Scottfield’s success.

“Al is one of the more organized and respectful directors I’ve ever worked with,” she says. “He allows you to do what feels right and shares his vision with you and you collaborate. He’s an amazing mentor and guide.”

Gordon met Herlinger as a child, when he directed her in a local production. Now in her 40s, Gordon is performing in “Mamma Mia!” and has been involved in the past performances through her 19-year-old son, Jesse, who has performed in all three Scottfield shows to date.

The Gordons aren’t the only multigenerational Scottfield family. Bel Air resident Brian Ruff and his 17-year old daughter Katie both performed in “Titanic.”

According to Ruff, a John Carroll alum who had performed under Herlinger in high school, the company feels like a family.