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A Budding Industry (2)
‘not like it’s Cheech and Chong’

On a recent rainy Saturday morning, more than a dozen customers walked through RISE Joppa’s front doors, eager to purchase their doctor-recommended cannabis. Upon arrival, each one checks in at the front desk, where staff members verify they are registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. They then present a written certification, essentially a recommendation, from a medical provider registered with the commission.

Some customers were first-timers, while others, like Ron Coyner, have visited the dispensary regularly since it opened.

Coyner, a 46-year-old former communications tower technician from Joppa, broke all of his ribs, fractured his skull in five places and broke a bone in his neck in 2005 when a piece of steel frame fell and landed on him. Most of his injuries healed, but his ribs never returned to their pre-injury state.