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Becoming The Grey Lady (3)
house still had a style of electric wiring dating from at least the 1930s. On top of rewiring, Ed took charge of changing every inch of plumbing.

When the house needed new windows, Karen paid attention to detail. She had contractors place the decorative pulls from the old windows into the new ones to keep the historic touch.

“We repurposed anything that we could or donated it to Second Chance in Baltimore City. Ed took all the windows down there,” Karen said.

In keeping with her theme of reuse, Karen also bought indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures from Second Chance, a nonprofit that resells salvaged home and building materials.

Throughout the house, the Garonos repaired the plaster, restored the original wood floors and replaced the radiators with modern heat and air conditioning. Certain rooms required more attention.

“The kitchen and the bathrooms are our two favorites because we created them from the studs out,” Ed, 65, said.

Indeed, the galley kitchen that was once hidden behind a wall is now a spacious great room with a large island, marble counter tops and a La Cornue stove that commands attention. The stove took several months to arrive from