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Bouncing back
Six years ago, Dr. Shreya Hessler promised her middle daughter, Bianca, that if she ever wrote a book, it would be named after her.

“I just didn’t have an idea on the topic until a few years later,” says Hessler, who wrote “Bianca Finds Her Bounce,” a book about a girl who struggles with anxiety. “Once the idea came, the story came naturally. And the vision in my head was the bouncy personality of my own child. Everything clicked.”

The book was released this year by Baltimore-based The Omnibus Publishing.

“Writing a children’s book had always been on my bucket list,” says Hessler, a Perry Hall resident who is a licensed psychologist and founder and director of the Bel Air-based MINDset Center, a comprehensive practice of therapists that specializes in tutoring children with learning disabilities and offering psychoeducational evaluations.

She wrote the entire book in a 15-minute sitting in 2016, and it took six weeks to complete the editing process.

“The story came with some ease — it’s a language I speak every day in my work,” said Hessler, who is also the president of the Maryland Psychological Association. “The process of penning the book didn’t take very long at all.”

She believes her book is important because it addresses a myriad of topics.

“Anxiety in children has increased in prevalence over the span of the last decade,” Hessler says, attributing this to the ability to recognize the symptoms; children’s having access to more information than they need; and children feeling more pressure than they