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Let's Party - from page 50

For adventurouS kidS


Robinhood Paintball


2429 Old Robin Hood Road, Havre de Grace, 410-273-9291, robinhoodpaintball.net


Located on a 10-acre property in Havre de Grace, Robinhood Paintball offers traditional paintball and low-impact paintball birthday parties. Participants must be at least 10 years old to play.


The venue charges $18 per person for 10 people or more, with an unlimited number of players allowed and no time limit.


The paint is $45 per case of 2,000 balls— with an average of 800 paintballs used per person for a four-hour time period. The facility offers a table that can be used to serve whatever food and cake the partygoers bring.


For bouncerS


That Bouncy Place


8 Newport Drive F, Forest Hill, 410-638-5004, thatbouncyplace.com


Who doesn’t like massive inflatables, slides and variations of bounce houses? The 12,000-square-foot facility filled with eight bounce arenas is perfect for your adrenaline-seeking party-goers.


In addition to a 780-square-foot Tadpole Bounce for ages 3 and under, there is also an arcade and a large-screen TV with sports. There are also two 400-square-foot party rooms that seat 40 people each.


Parties range from $175 plus tax for the Leap Frog Party, which is a 90-minute semi-private play and party split between two bounce arenas and a party room for 25 children, to $250 plus tax for the Grand Hopper Party for two hours of play and partying for 25 children.


Photo: Parties at That Bouncy Place range from $175 to $250. photo By
KArL m. FerroN