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Harford Magazine
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Groomed for Work - from page 32

Blaney & Cale

Harford County Transmissions, Forest Hill


Chris Knopp, who owns Harford County Transmissions, never thought of himself as a cat person until his staff found three tiny abandoned kittens behind the shop.


“My niece was going to adopt them out, but they kind of grew on everybody here,” Knopp says.


An employee took one home. Knopp’s children named the other two after favorite NASCAR drivers. Now, Blaney and Cale spend their weekdays in Harford Transmissions’ front office and live with office manager Tasha Cavileer on weekends.


They wait at the door for employees to arrive and then spend the rest of the day rubbing against customers’ legs, climbing into purses, sleeping and overseeing Knopp when he is working at his desk. They leap onto the office printer when they hear its hum and bat at customers’ receipts as they emerge.


“Customers are often unhappy when they come in because they are having a problem with their car,” Knopp says. “The cats have a calming effect. It takes the edge off.”