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Chesaco RV, Joppa


The office pet with the most impressive tenure might be Chessie, a macaw who oversees the comings and goings at Chesaco RV from her cage just inside the showroom entrance.


General manager Mike Richards says that dealership owner Steve Shapiro, an animal lover, brought Chessie to work over 20 years ago. Though Shapiro now works in the company’s other locations, Chessie has stayed on, though often not quietly.


“Just about every customer wants to stop and talk with her,” Richards says. “Sometimes she talks more than we would like. I have to close the door, because she will just go on. She barks like a dog, meows like a cat.”


Several Chesaco employees ensure that Chessie, who lives at the dealership, is well-cared for, gets fresh air and goes for regular medical care. Parts manager Don Olmstead carved a custom perch at home and set it up in his office so that Chessie could escape the showroom bustle and get some quiet one-on-one time.


Chessie knows who is in charge. “Yesterday, I wasn’t paying attention to her and she flapped her wings to move the papers on my desk,” Olmstead says.