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Food for throught - from page 16



The class, four girls and two boys, splits into two groups. Most, though not all, of the chatter centers on the makings of the crispy cauliflower that goes into the vegetable bowl.


Bell asks: “Does everyone remember how to dredge?” He demonstrates how to cover the cauliflower pieces in the spices mix they have created.


Previous classes have covered knife skills. On this night, Bell shows them how to refine those skills: “Cut the cucumber into julienne strips first, then dice.”


The class also prepares cucumber salsa and baked pita chips as a garnish. The vegetable bowls take shape. The 90-minute class nears the end.


Parents, several of whom have been observing through a large window in the waiting room, move into the kitchen. Eating and more conversation, centered around the deliciousness of the dish, follows.


Attending Young Chefs Academy, says Zach’s father, Matthew Houff, has changed his outlook on food as well as his future.


“They recently cooked a demonstration dinner for eight guests at Rockfield Manor. They prepared and served all the food, start to finish,” Houff says. “Zach is considering going to Harford Tech to continue cooking. It’s something he wants to do, and he looks forward to it every week.”