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Paw Patrol

Pets on Wheels brings animals where they are needed


By Kit WAsKom poLLArd |For harford magazine


Pets make people happy. That’s the simple—but profound— concept behind Pets on Wheels, a nonprofit that connects pets (and their owners) with people who might need a cheerful face and perhaps a friendly lick or two.


“It is a completely simple concept: you take your pets to visit with people in hospitals, hospice, veterans, schools, libraries, and it brings a lot of happiness to the people you visit and a lot of happiness to the pet,” says Rachael Rice, who along with her dog Augie has volunteered with Pets on Wheels for about two years. The duo frequently visit residents at Bel Air Assisted Living.


The Pets on Wheels network includes about 500 pet-owner volunteer teams who visit locations throughout Maryland west of the Chesapeake Bay.


The organization’s mission is bolstered by decades of scientific research demonstrating the potential positive impact of pets on human health. Researchers have found that petting rabbits can relieve anxiety in adults, children who struggle with reading may