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Harford Magazine
- Page 66
Fowl play (2)

BY MIKE KLINGAMAN | Harford Magazine


it was an ordinary log from a paulownia tree, a seasoned slice of timber which, in another life, might have gone up in smoke in the fireplace of the Carson home in Havre de Grace. But Dan Carson had other plans for the 20-inch slab in his backyard.


A mallard, it would be.


Carving ducks is old hat for Carson, one of a handful of waterfowl artisans in the Harford County town, the self-proclaimed “Decoy Capital of the World” and home of the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum. Carson, 52, has fashioned more than 25,000 birds, prompting the question: How quickly can one turn a stove-sized log into a duck’s body?


“Two hours,” he said. Then he proved it, baring that log to a battery of screaming saws, lathes and razor-sharp carving knives in his workshop and crafting the unpainted mallard, head included, with 20


Havre de Grace decoy carver Dan Carson can turn a chunk of wood into a decoy in about two hours at his home studio.