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All that glitters - continued from page 60

Design9 Imagination


Street native Brandy Everett lived in Colorado and California for 15 years before returning to Harford County in 2013 to care for her mother, Kathy, who was fighting cancer.


“She was my creative partner in crime,” Everett, 43, says. “She was always a craft person. When she was sick, we would do jewelry all day long.”


After her mother died five years ago, Everett decided to stay in Harford County to sell costume and upcycled jewelry, in addition to hand-blended aromatherapy products, through her company, Design9 Imagination.


Everett’s pieces, which range in price from $9 for simple costume jewelry to $200 for agate and amethyst, are sold in shops and at craft fairs throughout the county and region.


“It is a little [bit] of a small-town mentality with stores. I got a following. Sometimes if you live in the big city, you don’t get the following you get in a small town,” she says. “But I also like doing a pop-up show in New York where people don’t know who you are.”


Other than the dearth of bead shops nearby, Everett says one of her biggest challenges as a local designer is waiting for consumer trends to catch up with those on the West Coast.


“A lot of the things five years ago that were popular on West Coast are now popular here,” she says. “I do aromatherapy and jewelry. People think I’m hokey. People are just now getting into that holistic lifestyle.”


But Everett says that Harford County is a maker’s world. “We don’t have a wholesale mentality here,” she says. “There is love and effort in everything we do.”