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All that glitters



Tracey Beale has lived in Philadelphia, New Orleans and Germany. Her handmade jewelry has been worn by artists like Floerty, John Legend, LL Cool J and Common. Her designs have even been featured at the Sundance Film Festival.


But, the 44-year-old attributes her artistic spark to the education she received at Bel Air High School in the early 1990s.


“Harford opened the door that I was an artist,” she says while sitting at the wooden carpenter’s table in her living room workspace. Here, Beale works countless hours shaping metals into ornate pieces for her company, Tracey Beale Jewelry, that range in price from $50 for earrings and a simple necklace to $200 for glass pieces, which she considers “sculptural” in design. “In art class I was able to give my perspective. My thinking was appreciated,” she recalls. “If I hadn’t gone to high school in Harford County I don’t think I would have discovered my creative potential at that time.”


Beale is among a number of designers—some homegrown, others transplants —shaping Harford’s burgeoning jewelry scene. Many sell their wares at local shops and the outdoor Belle Aire Market during its May through October season, and they say the county has been a welcoming space for their creativity, despite limited resources and slow adoption of trends.


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