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Certification, from page 4
Labor Statistics Employment Outlook Handbook, overall employment of part-time and full-time post-secondary teachers is projected to grow 15 percent by 2026. In addition, the number of adults attending post-secondary schools is expected to grow. Goucher College is capitalizing on these projections to maintain its growth trajectory in graduate and professional programs.

“We are focusing on what the working student needs to move forward,” says Kathryn Doherty, associate provost/executive director of the Welch Center for Graduate and Professional Studies. “Our new programs are designed to accommodate and be convenient. They are fully online, ‘a-synchronous programs,’ meaning that students do their course work at a time and location convenient to them.” Doherty notes that because these new programs are delivered in eight-week segments, the college can offer two terms in any semester, making year-round learning an option. “Students can complete these master’s degrees in as little as 18 months or as long as 36 months,” she explains.

Goucher College’s master of higher education in policy, research and administration is designed to help mid-level directors move up into positions of leadership. According to Doherty, it provides specific skills for collecting, researching and using data. “Right now, educators are missing the ‘close the loop’ part of data collection. If you have the data, use it.”

Doherty says Goucher College is committed to delivering higher quality graduate and professional programs online. The college participates in the “Quality Matters” standard and training for online courses, which is required for all new faculty in the graduate and professional programs and those who are new to online instruction. Faculty technology support is available, as is student support. “We encourage all participants to interact with academic and student support services,”Doherty notes.“Faculty has online office hours and access to video conferencing. A student may never set foot on campus until commencement.”

Doherty says that the high school diploma used to be the base line for getting a job. Now it’s the bachelor’s degree. In a few years it promises to be the advanced degree or certificate. The Welch Center at Goucher College is also targeting adults who have earned an associate degree or partial bachelor’s degree for its online degree completion programs, as well as alumni of the college and the senior population age 50-plus. “We are building a community of life-long learners – from certification through advanced degree,” says Doherty. •