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Networking tips
Here are some Dos and Don’ts that can benefit first-timers as well as refresh seasoned networkers:


•Watch for body language. Approach a small group of people who look open for conversation. They usually are in an open semi-circle.

•Introduce yourself with eye contact, a smile and a firm handshake.

•Ask about their business.

•Have a 30-60-second elevator speech ready about your business, if asked.

•Make it a point to meet at least one new person at each networking event.

•Exchange business cards.

•Send a friendly follow-up note referencing your conversation.


•Try to get into a conversation that sounds heated or that the participants look very engaged.

•Stand around waiting for someone to walk up to you. Take a chance at making a connection.

•Monopolize a conversation with information about you.

•Spend the networking time with people you already know.

•Forget business cards.