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Highlights of continuing education programs in health care
Some of the objectives for the online course in cardiac electrophysiology at Howard Community College include:

•Interpreting surface ECGs.

•Discuss arrhythmia management options.

•Discuss all phases of the action potential.

•Discuss cardiac pharmacology and drugs used in the Electrophysiology (EP) lab.

•Identify catheters and equipment used during various EP procedures.

•Correlate intracardiac electrograms to surface EKGs.

•Discuss the indications of an EP procedure, pacing protocols, and accurately perform baseline measurements.

Graduates of the Masters of Health Administration at the University of Maryland impact the workforce:

•Graduates can be found in positions with health care providers like MedStar, University of Maryland Medical Center, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Johns Hopkins and many more.

•Graduates also work for ambulatory care focused organizations like the Montgomery County Primary Care Coalition and MedGen Urgent Care.

•Others have been able to obtain positions on the payer side at Anthem and CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.

•Students have interned at the NIH Clinical Center, HRSA, CMS, MedStar, the Maryland Department of Health and many more.

Three frequently asked questions per the school’s website regarding the Doctor of Nursing Practice Nurse Anesthesiology Option at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing include:

Q: Do I need experience in an intensive care unit (ICU) or would experience in other areas qualify?

A: At least one year (preferably two years) of current, full-time ICU experience is required at time of application. Trauma ICU, CVICU and/or surgical ICU experience is preferred.

Q: Do I need a bachelor’s degree in nursing to be considered?

A: A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in nursing is required at time of application. The program is designed for BSN or entrylevel MSN nurses.

Q: Do you require CCRN certification for application or admission?

A: CCRN certification is required at time of application.