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More than just stories
The Honest Conversations: Faith Community Dialogues on Immigration and Race project facilitated by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County offers students a unique opportunity. They observe, record and learn from different faith community members in Southeast Baltimore, who participate in meaningful conversations with others in their community who might be different from themselves.

The skills in observation, recording and analyzing these stories are skills students can use in many different careers.

The cultural sustainability certificate program at Goucher College is geared to appeal to journalists, film makers, oral historians, writers, public historians, community organizers, activists, artists, community storytellers, social entrepreneurs, and others. How to effectively tell the story of a particular culture, how to preserve it and learn from it are some of the aspects of this very diversified program. The two current certificates focus on Documenting Communities: Putting Stories to Work and Humanitarian Leadership & Ethical Advocacy.

The iSmith program at Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland focusses on getting business students ready for the workplace. Throughout their college experience they will participate in out-of-class activities designed to meet the needs of employers and to think critically. They will be challenged by company representatives brought into the classroom to find solutions for real-world business problems.