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Innovation, from page 2
Innovation, from page 2

...academic offerings with current and prospective students’ demonstrated interests, according to a news release by the college.

Upon completion of the review, according to Janelle Holmboe, vice president of enrollment management at McDaniel, four areas were identified for reinvestment: health sciences/STEM, business and technology, liberal arts core curriculum, and professional certificates. The review also resulted in identifying certain undergraduate majors to suspend enrollment in for future students – art history, religious studies, French, German and music. Holmboe stresses that any savings from the evaluation, including savings from the elimination of certain majors, will be reinvested in current academic offerings. “This is not a budget cut, and it’s important for McDaniel to retain its commitment to liberal arts,” she adds. Holmboe notes that less than 3% of students were impacted by the majors being eliminated.

Holmboe says that the reinvestment will allow for upgrades to computer science and studio arts facilities, as well as the launching of a new engineering track beginning this fall. “Students majoring in physics can specialize in engineering, and our new partnership with Washington University in St. Louis allows our students to earn a second degree there in engineering, either a bachelor’s or master’s,” says Holmboe. •