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Worth the effort
As a senior scientist in regulated bio-analytics at Merck and a student in University of Maryland, Baltimore’s M.S. program in pharmacometrics, Tao Niu’s time is precious. But he has seen the exponential growth in pharmacometrics and wanted to increase his skill level.

“Pharmacometrics has revolutionized drug development and regulatory decision-making,” he explains. “Through the M.S. in pharmacometrics, I’m learning the theoretical and applied quantitative skills that will accelerate my career development.”

The M.S. in pharmacometrics came highly recommended to him by several co-workers who were alumni of the program. As one of the only programs in the United States designed for working professionals, it afforded him the flexibility needed to meet the demands of his day job. While it requires a tremendous commitment to keep up with the online coursework, he states, “The quality and content of the curriculum is well worth the commitment.”

His effort already is paying off; as a result of the program, Niu negotiated a six-month, full-time rotation in the pharmacometrics department at Merck. The program has so piqued his interest in the statistical concepts of pharmacometrics that he plans to pursue another master’s degree with that as a concentration in hopes of accelerating his career as a pharmacometrician. •