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Real world applications
Ja’Ara McCoy’s close friend was a victim of trauma when she was 14 years old. She remembers experiencing her friend’s healing process and felt inspired to do her part to help.

Today, she’s the anti-trafficking and exploitation coordinator for the Baltimore Child Abuse Center with an undergraduate degree in human services with a minor in criminal justice. This past spring, she earned a trauma-informed certificate from the University of Baltimore, and in December, she will earn a master’s degree program at UB in criminal justice with a specialization in victim studies. Since her role involves working with trauma victims and their family members, law enforcement officers and child protective services personnel, she wants to do all she can to help the center’s staff and those working for partner agencies in a trauma-informed way.

“We want to be sure the work we do is trauma-informed and we are a trauma-informed agency,” says McCoy.

In addition, McCoy recently joined center’s resiliency team to combat displaced trauma among staff members.

“The work here is tough,” she says. “We report things people can’t fathom. It’s important we’re taking care of ourselves.” •