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Hands-on training
Last December, Theodore Logan completed his associate degree in interpreter preparation at CCBC. In addition to completing all the coursework required, he also had to complete a practicum of 150 hours of guided and supervised field work. While 150 hours sounds like a lot, Logan loved every minute of it. “The number of hours used to be lower, and I was thrilled when they raised it. The more hands-on experience I can get benefits everyone involved,” he says. Not surprising, he jumped at the chance to take part in the event last fall that paired interpreter preparation students with dental hygiene students at CCBC to provide dental care to the deaf community. “It not only bridged the gap between us and the deaf community but also us and the dental professionals,” he recalls.

“In the deaf community, there is widespread lack of services due to communication, financial and cultural barriers,” Logan says. “If more individuals in health care know even some basic ASL (American Sign Language) skills, it will show compassion and a connection to the deaf patient.”

Logan says he hopes to become a national certified interpreter within two years and aims to teach at CCBC one day. “I want to guide the next generation of interpreters,” he says. •