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Living well, from page 2
study rooms at the ends of the hall provide quiet space. New LED lighting, which can be turned down at night, signals to the body that it’s time for sleep.

“I’d really like to turn the internet off at midnight and people would have to go to sleep,” Bowen says with a laugh.

Loyola University Maryland

Colleen Campbell, director of student-athlete support services, lost her mom to lung cancer, and “I wanted to do something to help Loyola become smoke free.” Together with students Kiki Fitzgerald and Bethany Crowley she organized a task force to tackle the academic red tape involved in a campus-wide policy change.

Stephanie Regenold, M.D., director of student health services, knew of grant money from the American Cancer Society for initiatives to help campuses become smoke free.

Loyola secured the grant, and the money was used to help formulate the policy, engage more stakeholders and establish a timeline, as well as for signage and informational materials. The task force, which included representatives from every division on campus, also spent considerable time increasing awareness.

Their work was successful – on July 1, 2019, Loyola will go smoke free. That also includes vaping and Juuling.

Regenold explains the initiative has a threefold goal: to prevent students from developing a smoking habit, decrease the exposure to secondhand smoke and offer smoking cessation resources.

The task force also made it clear the intent was not to marginalize smokers, and the response has been positive.

“We had a few people who thought it was a Godsend,” Campbell says, citing the example of an employee “who had been praying to God for a reason to quit and felt like this was their answer.”

The campus offers smoking cessation programs for both students and employees.

Regenold notes it’s important “to set a standard of a healthy way to work, play, study and live,” adding, “Our smokers says, ‘If it’s harder to smoke, I’m not going to do it as much.’ ” •