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Holistic, from page 4
concept of a “Nerd Nite” was a way to start research publicity, and a way to prepare graduate students to speak to a range of audiences,” says Mary Carroll-Mason, communications officer at the Graduate School. “Our first event was a good mix of researchers from education, public health, dance and STEM.” She explains that each GradTerp Exchange event is held at a local restaurant/bar venue and features three to four people of diverse backgrounds discussing their research publicly. “GradTerp Exchange presents graduate students with opportunities to develop their writing, scripting and oral communication skills,” Carroll-Mason says. “The role of the graduate school is to provide other professional skills in addition to academic skills so that the graduates can communicate effectively.”

Sarah Hirsh, a 2018 graduate student studying environmental science and technology, says she had a fear of public speaking. After working with the resources on the University of Maryland campus to prepare for her 3-Minute Thesis presentation, Hirsh overcame her fear and landed third place in the campus competition. She says when she heard the presentations had to be memorized, she didn’t think she could do it. “It took a lot of practicing and coaching,” she says.“The university really helped out and gave us a lot of feedback. I still use the figures from the single slide I created in presentations that I do now.” •