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100 eats and drinks

Essential dining experiences for 2019


By Christina Tkacik The Baltimore Sun


Baltimore diners are loyal. They reward endurance, the institutions: the Faidleys, the Hoehns, the Di- Pasquales, with three centuries of business between them.


This isn’t to say the only restaurants to succeed are old or nostalgic, but they offer something more than the food-of-the-moment: They become ritual.


A sip of coffee from a demitasse cup at an Ellicott City cafe can transport its drinker to Damascus. A fried coddie, served with a saltine cracker and mustard, reminds its eater of visits to Lexington Market. A cannoli shop in Little Italy manages to feel like home for first-time customers.


Compiled with input from readers and the newsroom, The Baltimore Sun’s list of 100 essential food experiences encompasses places people talk about, think about and come back to again and again and again.


The Alexander Brown Restaurant opened in a historic bank building earlier this year. it’s a “rich” experience that made no. 13 on our list.