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Burning Bright (2)

ouzo bay’s flaming lamborghini


Ordered about 10 times a week and typically served for birthdays, the fiery drink— one of a half-dozen flaming beverages served at the bar— is actually off the menu. But the dramatics of it— the fire presentation requires the use of three types of stacked glasses — and the taste — it’s a mixture of Baileys irish cream, Kahlua and Sambuca— makes this the most popular of the group, according to bar manager Liz Jankiewicz. $20.


the bluebird CoCktail room’s smoked santiago


This cocktail features Papa’s Pilar 24-year rum, simple syrup, cream sherry, maraschino liquor and a lime peel garnish.The drink is then placed in a smoke-filled glass cloche to add a dramatic smoky effect. $16