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Dishing On Dishes (2)

the bygone


Opulence is the name of the game at the Gatsby-inspired high-rise restaurant known for its panoramic views. Easily one of the city’s priciest restaurants, The Bygone has an array of dazzling pieces to complement the over-the-top vibe, such as these regal bone china plates from Lennox ($28.96 to $78.56).




At Linwoods, these mustard-hued bowls are used for everything from the Brussels Caesar appetizer to the half portion of shrimp and grits. The bowls were chosen because they’re “bright and fun,” said dining room manager Caitlyn Bielec. “And we want our guests to have a fun time.”


gunther & Co.


Canton’s Gunther & Co. uses this $45 etched glass by Libbey Glassware for its Pear Pressure cocktail. In the summer, the glass will be used for cocktails on the patio.


Chez hugo


Chef Steve Monnier picked this pattern, which gives plates the appearance of having been broken and glued back together with liquid gold. There are only 12 in house, used exclusively for the 10-course, $85 tasting menu, which is supposed to be eaten with your hands. “There’s no cutting allowed on these plates,” Monnier said.


la Calle


Chef Valentino Sandoval fell in love with these texture-rich, glass-etched plates and knew that they would be perfect for his elegant and creamy flan dessert, he said.


photos by barbara haddoCktaylor and jerry jaCkson