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100 Eats and Drinks (20)


sneak in a round at wC harlan


Antiques and knick-knacks found at local thrift stores line the walls of WC Harlan, a speakeasy-style corner bar in Remington that quickly became a hit, despite (or perhaps because of) its secrecy. Try the cocktail du jour or the Kalimotxo, which mixes red wine, Coca-Cola and ice. It’s like an adult Cherry Coke.


400 W. 23rd St., Remington. 410-925-7900. facebook.com/wcharlan



devour homemade pasta from latavola


The best advertisement for this Little Italy restaurant is its screen door. Through it, watch the kitchen hard at work, rolling and kneading the homemade pasta that goes into every dish at La Tavola. Venetian-born chef Carlo Vignotto says on La Tavola’s website that he believes “the only way to prepare any creation is to be a perfectionist and select only the freshest ingredients from beginning to end—homegrown herbs, fresh fish and meats from the market, homemade pasta.” More often than not, this philosophy comes through on the plate.


The food is carefully prepared and simply presented, without flamboyance or artiness. La Tavola’s strongest suit is its lineup of pasta dishes, a few of which can compete for top ranking in or out of the neighborhood. Go for the linguine with taleggio cheese and freshly ground truffles. Uncompromisingly rich, the noodles themselves offer up that toothsome al dente pleasure that lovers of fresh pasta seek out.


248 Albemarle St., Little Italy. 410-685-1859. la-tavola.com



go duCkpin bowling with a pizza from johnny rad’s


You’d be hard-pressed to find amore quintessentially Baltimore date than pizza and duckpin bowling. Grab a “big mac” pizza from Johnny Rad’s, the skateboarding-themed pizza pub on Eastern Avenue, conveniently located just across from the Patterson Park Bowling Center, which opened in 1927 and calls itself “the oldest operating duckpin bowling alley in the nation.”


2108 Eastern Ave., Fells Point. 443-759-6464. johnnyrads.com  



snaCk on konstant’s nuts at lexington market


Just outside Lexington Market, purportedly the oldest market in America, you can buy freshly roasted peanuts from Konstant’s, a stand that’s been in business since the 1800s. They’re unsalted because — according to the company’s website — “We believe that is the only way to have them. The peanut flavor speaks for itself.”


400 W. Lexington St., downtown. 443-863-7148. konstantfoods.com