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100 Eats and Drinks (17)


relive the good old days at the prime rib


Ahhhh, Glamour, glamour, glamour,” read the headline of The Sun’s 1993 review of The Prime Rib, one of the city’s fanciest restaurants, which opened in the 1960s. In the early days, the steakhouse’s black walls with touches of gold, seductive oil paintings and posters, and plush carpeting seemed impossibly elegant. Tastes may have changed, but the Prime Rib hasn’t. That’s, of course, why its fans love it so much.


1101 N. Calvert St., Midtown-Belvedere. 410-539-1804. theprimerib.com



order at hin-Crust pizza from joe sQuared


The signature square pizza at Joe Squared was featured on a 2012 episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” The coal-fired, square pizza at Joe Squared still brings in hungry students from the nearby Maryland Institute College of Art and other pizza lovers to its North Avenue shop.


33 W. North Ave., Charles Village. 410-545-0444. joesquared.com


The barbecue pizza at Joe Squared on north Avenue. photo by barbara haddoCk taylor



try the food from a‘ kitChen nightmare’ at gordon ramsay steak


Try the restaurant inside Horseshoe Casino bearing the name of the multiple-Michelin star-earning celebrity chef, one of the most celebrated on the planet. For those on bottomless expense accounts, enticing options include coveted Ossetra caviar and Japanese Wagyu beef. For the rest of us, it is possible to sup in style without taking out a second mortgage. Meat items are presented on a fancy trolley wheeled by your server, who will point out the grade and marbling of each cut.


Horseshoe Casino, 1525 Russell St., Camden Industrial Area. 443-931-4254. caesars.com/horseshoe-baltimore