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100 Eats and Drinks (15)


try the ‘sexy Comfort food’ from water for ChoColate


Chef Sean Guy serves his sophisticated, Southern-influenced cuisine for brunch and dinner at this Upper Fells Point spot, named after the Laura Esquivel novel. The changing menu can include items like barbecue pulled pork, bacon shrimp risotto and the divine Italian sausage meatloaf. The restaurant will be closing for renovations Feb. 28 and is set to reopen in April.


1841 E. Lombard St., Upper Fells Point, 410-675-7778. waterforchocolate.org



have a resurreCtion ale at the brewer’s art


Resurrection is one of the brews local beer lovers introduce to out-of-towners first. It’s flavorful and full-bodied, but the abbey brown ale works regardless of the weather or setting. Best sipped in the handsome upstairs bar of the Midtown-Belvedere establishment that shares its name.


1106 N. Charles St., Midtown-Belvedere. 410-547-6925. thebrewersart.com 



redisCover iCe Cream from taharka brothers


There’s a reason that the city’s fancier establishments boast about carrying Taharka Brothers ice cream. Buttery and subtly flavored, their offerings, from pistachio to key lime pie, are likely to be some of the best you’ll try. If you want to feel better about indulging, the socially conscious company with a factory in Clipper Mill not only produces delicious small-batch ice cream and sorbets, but it also strives to promote leadership skills among urban men.


Sold at area grocery stores. 410-889-1885. taharkabrothers.com



make a date with sugarvale


Intimate and slightly below street level, this neighborhood bar is regarded for having excellent cocktails and for being a great first date spot. It’s owned by Phil Han, who also runs Dooby’s around the corner. Sip the “10am Spaghetti,” which blends unfiltered sake, plum brandy, lemon, five-spice and cuttlefish ink. If the date doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have tried something new.


4 W Madison St., Mount Vernon. sugarvalebmore.com



play a song on the jukebox at mount royal tavern


This decades-old haunt near the Maryland Institute College of Art features a replica Sistine Chapel painting on the ceiling, Patsy Cline on the jukebox, and a love-it- or-leave it attitude essential for heavy drinkers and great dive bars. Come see why Esquire named it one of the best bars in America in 2016.


1204 W. Mount Royal Ave., Midtown-Belvedere. 410-669-6686.



make mornings worth your while at diablo doughnuts


The hardest part is deciding which doughnut to go with at this Federal Hill spot. Pop over to neighboring Outpost American Tavern where Diablo’s maple bacon doughnut becomes the “bread” for a decadent breakfast sandwich. Bring Tums.


1035 Light St., Federal Hill. 410-892-3251. facebook.com/DiabloDoughnuts



A cone of Taharka Brothers’“graham-slam ”and“ muddy sneakers” ice creams. photo by niCole munChel


The no.1 special, a buttermilk waffle with chicken tenders, from Connie’s Chicken and Waffles. photo by amy davis