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100 Eats and Drinks (11)


try an arepa at alma CoCina latina


Since it opened in the Can Company building in 2015, the Venezuelan restaurant has attracted a steady following for its arepas, round breads that are grilled, baked and stuffed with chicken, pork, steak, shrimp and other delicious things.


2400 Boston St., Canton. 667-212-4273. almacocinalatina.com



get lost in some Queso fundido at Clavel


The queso fundido at Clavel is the kind of dish you think of days before, and after, you eat it. Bubbling hot and served in a skillet, it’s best topped with spicy chorizo and scooped with Clavel’s sturdy tortilla chips until you’ve scraped the bottom of the pan.


225 W 23rd St., Remington 443-900-8983. barclavel.com



try the Crab pie at matthew’s


“As are many Baltimoreans, I am deeply partial to the Matthew’s Pizza crab pie,” David Simon told The Baltimore Sun in 2014. About the Highlandtown pizzeria’s deep-crust, crab-topped pizza, Simon, the former Sun reporter and creator of “The Wire,” said, “[It’s] unlike anything that calls itself pizza anywhere in the world.”


The secret of Matthew’s success lies with ovens that are cranked up to 650 degrees. The blast of heat not only hardens the crust, it gives the cheese on top a wonderful dark-brown finish. Try it for yourself at the beloved old-time spot that Simon said, “could not exist outside Baltimore.”


3131 Eastern Ave., Highlandtown. 410-276-8755. matthewspizza.com



snaCk on pintxos at la CuChara


Inside the first floor of a factory that once produced London Fog raincoats is La Cuchara, one of the city’s most glamorous and inventive restaurants. Inspired by the cuisine of Spain’s Basque region, La Cuchara combines elements of that area’s pintxo bars, where customers can buy small, one- or two-bite appetizers, as well as asadors, or simple meats and seafood prepared on a grill. Sit at the bar, where you can eavesdrop on fellow diners and watch the chef tend to the wood-burning fire in the kitchen. Especially tasty are the jamon croquettes, half price during happy hour, and the fried churros with chocolate dip for dessert.


3600 Clipper Mill Road, Jones Falls Area. 443-708-3838. lacucharabaltimore.com


These arepas from Alma Cocina Latina are stuffed with pork crackling salad, left, and five-spice duck confit and cilantro-jalapeno salad.

photo by lloyd fox


Kitchen manager Mariagrazia Marcozzi fixes a lunch order at DiPasquale’s.

photo by kenneth k.lam