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100 Eats and Drinks (9)


sip a blonde at the guinness open gate brewery


A former distillery in Baltimore County last year became the Guinness Blonde American Lager brewery, the company’s first U.S. brewery since 1954. The $90million facility features a 270-seat restaurant and a 250-person taproom with ample seating and guided tours.


5001 Washington Blvd., Halethorpe. 800-909-2645. guinnessbrewerybaltimore.com



sample the poutine at Clark burger


Clark Burger, which has branches near Belvedere Square and in Little Italy, specializes in burgers (no surprise) and poutine, the Canadian dish of fries topped with gravy and cheese curds so fresh they squeak when you bite into them. Likely to be the greatest food from up north.


5906 York Road, Wilson Park. 410-323-2356; 415 S Central Ave., Little Italy. 667-309-3516. clark-burger.com



savor the pho from mekong delta


From behind an inconspicuous, cash-only lunch counter in the Charles Plaza food court comes possibly the city’s finest pho, prepared by Tuyen Vo and served by her husband, Luan Nguyen — though most customers call him Leo. Formerly located on West Saratoga Street, the place is named for the area of Vietnam where Vo’s family owned a catering business and restaurant in the city of Ben Tre. Served with fresh sprouts, peppers and basil, the chicken pho is guilt-free comfort food—warm, nourishing and delicious.


222 N. Charles St., downtown. 443-955-1100.