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100 Eats and Drinks (7)


warm up at ejji ramen


A few years ago, everyone thought ramen was for dorm rooms. Now we know better. At Ejji Ramen in Belvedere Square, go for the tonkatsu ramen, a hearty and flavorful bowl of pulled pork, scallions and noodles, served with a miso-marinated soft-boiled egg, in rich pork broth.


Belvedere Square, 529 E. Belvedere Ave., Govans. 410-435-8688. ejjiramen.com



bite into a fig-flavored maCaron at saCre suCre


A single food has been known to change the course of a person’s life. For Dane Thibodeaux, co-owner of Sacre Sucre in Fells Point, it was a fig macaron he ate in Paris while on vacation. He still remembers biting into the seed of the fig jamin the middle. “I was puzzled by how there was actually fig in it, when I thought that macarons were made with buttercreams and flavoring,” Thibodeaux said.A former catering manager, he and partner Manuel Sanchez taught themselves to bake before opening their own shop in Fells Point.


Sacre Sucre — French for “sacred sugar” — carries core flavors like chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel. Other seasonal flavors rotate.


“We try to use as little flavoring as possible. Most places that do macarons, they do buttercreams and flavoring, but we use creams and butters and chocolates and ganache with nuts and berries,” Thibodeaux said. “If it’s pistachio, it’s going to have pistachio in it so you don’t get that fake pistachio flavor.”


The fig macaron, Thibodeaux jokes, is a “glorified fig newton.” 2001 Fleet St., Fells Point. 443-873-0020. sacresucre.com



sip an old fashioned at the bluebird CoCktail room


For some bars, the whiskey selection is the draw. At Hampden’s Bluebird, it’s the ice. Look for the enormous cube in its signature old fashioned, made with Old Grand-Dad 100-proof bonded bourbon, simple syrup and house-made bitters.


3600 Hickory Ave., Hampden. 667-303-3263. thebluebirdbaltimore.com



take a stroll through the baltimore farmers’ market & bazaar


The market beneath the JFX has been a Sunday tradition from April through December for more than 40 years. Where else can you find everything from artisanal sauerkraut to paw-paws to Portuguese octopus?


E. Saratoga St. & Holliday St., Downtown. 410-752-8632. promotionandarts.org/events-festivals/baltimore-farmers-market-bazaar