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Dining Guide
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100 Eats and Drinks (3)


Charge up with espresso at one do Coffee


Modern yet homey, this family-owned coffee shop opened in Canton last year and has become popular with area espresso connoisseurs for drinks made from beans sourced by locally owned distributor Keffa Coffee.


913 S. Lakewood Ave., Canton. 410-814-0242. onedocoffee.com



try the pimliCo Cake at atwater’s


Known for its breads, soups and salads, local fast-casual chain Atwater’s began in Catonsville and now has five locations. It’s is no slouch in the dessert department, either. The Pimlico cake—fluffy chiffon cake layered with Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate ganache and walnuts — is pretty much perfect.


Some history: It’s inspired by a dish served at Baltimore’s former Pimlico Hotel on Park Heights Avenue, a place that still gets certain old-time Baltimoreans waxing poetic. From 1951 through 1991, the Pimlico Hotel made a name for itself with a voluminous menu, egg rolls, famous patrons such as Angela Lansbury — and custard-layered cakes.


Fans swear that the Atwater’s version is as close to the original as it comes.


815 Frederick Road, Catonsville. 410-747-4120. atwatersfood.com



eat brisketwith a whiskey Chaser at blue pit bbQ


A homey neighborhood barbecue spot that welcomes babies, parents and pets to its outdoor picnic benches and indoor bar, Blue Pit features a menu that’s brief and focused, including a few meat choices, one vegetarian option (pulled jackfruit) and a handful of sides. Go for the Zeke’s coffee-rubbed brisket, and don’t skimp on the sauce.


1601 Union Ave., Hampden. 443-948-5590. bluepitbbq.com