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Though it has 27 television and movie credits to its name (repairing and customizing cars used in “The Wire,” “House of Cards” and “Tin Men,” among others), this shop treats its regular customers with equal respect. “We’re old school, yet with the technology you need to be in this business,” says co-owner Fred Smith, whose family has been at this site for 59 years.


42 N. Caroline St., Oliver. 410-342-2677.




In 1968 when Dave Evans was 15, he wrote to Hoffman Motors, the company importing BMW autos into the U.S., and asked detailed and sophisticated questions about the newest line of luxury cars. He received a response from company officials who probably never realized they were writing to a kid.


Two letters now hang on the wall of Autobahn of Towson, the business into which Evans has channeled his passion for understanding the inner workings of and repairing European-made cars: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Volkswagen, Volvo and Saab. Thirty year- old Autobahn may lack a plush office and amenities such as loaner cars or free coffee, but Evans and manager Frank Doty have a vast knowledge of foreign vehicles, they’re hardworking and reliable and customers say they’re not overcharged by so much as a dime.


Customers rave about them.


As one longtime client wrote on Yelp, “I like them so much that I will only buy a car they work on.” Another said on Angie’s List: “They go above and beyond. I've called them from New Jersey with something wrong with my car, and they'll tell me what to do to jury-rig it to get it home.”


7217 York Road, Towson. 410-583-1200.