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Friends Ryan Haase, Julie Lilienfeld and Athena Hoffberger bring you this unique concept where you can find everything from 125-year-old rugs to highball glasses and taxidermy. Because of Haase’s connections as head of Stillpointe Theatre in Baltimore, customers can buy or rent pieces fromhis past productions.


3811 Falls Road, Hampden. 443-961- 3376.




In his heart, Mike Raley is 13 years old. He brings a middle schooler’s energy and playfulness to the Aqua Boot Camp he teaches twice weekly at Brick Bodies’ Padonia gym.


Participants never know what each pool class will bring. Upside-down orange traffic cones filled with water and hoisted overhead? “Jumping rope” with unwieldy foam noodles? A water “fight” between classmates wielding blue foam barbells, with Raley joyfully egging on both sides?


Sessions feel like play. But after-word participants are tired and hungry, and the next day their arms, legs and abs are often sore.


Raley’s favorite catch phrase, bellowed at the top of his lungs, is “boot camp minute.” It mean she “forgot” to notice what time a particular exercise began and it will last until he’s ready to stop — always well past the designated 60-second mark.


During the six years he’s taught the class, Raley, 45, has developed a following. On busy nights, more than 30 men and women, representing all ages and body types, will crowd the water. Regulars recently chipped in to buy their instructor a small thank-you gift which included a set of felt antlers.


That’s their way of saying they think he’s a deer.


2430 Broad Ave., Padonia. 410-252- 5280.