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There are two very wonderful things about furniture shopping at Su Casa in Fells Point: First, the vast majority of its inventory, from tables to wall hangings, screams Baltimore — which shouldn’t be any surprise, since that’s the idea. “We’re a community lifestyle store,” says general manager Brian Donnell, and that community, right here, is where Su Casa finds most of what it offers for sale. So you’ll find small and large tables made by local craftspeople from local materials; tabletop décor as whimsically local as the word “Baltimore” in script, carved out of local wood; wall hangings as unabashedly parochial as reproductions of centuries-old Maryland maps. Make local, buy local, appreciate local —what a concept.


Just as welcome as what Su Casa offers, however, is the pressure-free atmosphere shoppers enjoy; no pushy salespeople or commission-hungry associates.


Feel free to stop by and linger, setting your own pace. “When it comes to buying furniture, the experience is often like that of getting a root canal,” says Donnell. “We wanted to change that. … We’re non-pushy, we’re not trying to get you to buy everything in the store.” Not that you won’t want to.


901 S. Bond St., Fells Point, along with stores in Ellicott City, Ocean View, Del., and Bethany Beach, Del. 410-522- 7010.




This Hampden fixture has operated as a hardware store since the late 1800s and has been owned by the Falkenhan family on and off since 1968. Owner Debbie Falkenhan and her employees can devise creative, inexpensive solutions to vexing home repair issues — even for repair challenged homeowners who can’t tell a wrench from a screwdriver.


3401 Chestnut Ave., Hampden. 410- 235-7771.