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Personal Services (5)

of 35 keep the dogs busy with structured programs of play, from chasing balls to tugging ropes in a 26,000-square-foot Funland for Fidos. Then they eat lunch. Then they all take naps, on cots. The dogs, that is.


“It’s just like nursery school,” says Garrett, 73.


Small wonder, at day’s end, that some clients balk at leaving.


“They do get attached to us,” Garrett says. “We’ve had owners who had to carry their dogs to their cars because they wanted to stay.”


The business she began 15 years ago with two dogs in a small house in Hampden has grown to the point where there’s a six-month waiting list (more than 100 dogs). Several regulars have been coming all that time.


“We’ve watched them get as gray as me,” Garrett says.


Dogs are grouped by size and temperament — about 15 per attendant — from four-pound teacup poodles to a 160-pound Great Pyrenees. Purebreds hobnob with mongrels and dogs that are deaf, blind or missing a leg. And when one has a birthday, the staff gives it a party hat and cornbread muffin and sings.


529 W. 29th St., Remington. 410- 889-3031.




“Equal parts skill and empathy” is how Honor Ame Walesby describes her work doctoring people’s pets. Her 2,400 clients from five states swear by Walesby and her staff, who treat everything from orthopedic ills to cancer. An alumnus of Notre Dame Prep, she is one of eight surgeons worldwide who are board-certified to operate on both large and small animals.


32 Mellor Ave., Catonsville. 410- 788-4088. 


— Mike Klingaman and Mary Carole McCauley