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Morgan State University Professor Jason Johnson is a public intellectual tailor made for today’s multiscreen media demands.


In addition to being a professor of politics and journalism in Morgan State’s School of Global Journalism& Communication, he is also an MSNBC contributor, politics editor of The Root and author of “Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell” (Westview Press, 2012).


“Being on TV and writing for The Root is just an extension of what I do in the classroom. If you can hold the attention of a group of 18-to-23-yearolds for 55 minutes, 3 minutes on TV is a snap,” Johnson says.


DeWayne Wickham, dean of the School of Global Journalism & Communication, calls Johnson “a politically astute journalist and academic who has an impressive presence in the nation's print and broadcast media.”


According to Wickham, “It is his closeness to this country's political life — and his ability to dissect it for our students — that makes Dr. Johnson such a dynamic member of our faculty.”




Sujata Massey beguiled readers in 1997 with her first Rei Shimura mystery. A dozen novels followed, and the 55-year-oldBaltimore author, a former reporter for The Baltimore Evening Sun, has begun a series set in 1920s India featuring Perveen Mistry, Bombay’s first female attorney. The second installment, “The Satapur Moonstone” will be released in May. Publishers’ Weekly claims it’s “even better than the series’ impressive debut.”




Baltimore native Tammy Rivera Malphurs is the quintessential celebrity of the social media age because she does it all. She married rapper Waka Flocka Flame in 2014 and remarried him in an elaborate celebration earlier this year. She’s also a fashion designer, singer and television personality (she's a cast member of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”). Maybe that’s why her Instagram account @charliesangelll has swelled to 6.2 million followers.