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Kane have provided the latest medispa services, from MicroNeedling (a procedure that inserts very fine short needles into the skin to treat acne scars and other imperfections) to CoolSculpting (a nonsurgical contouring procedure where fat is frozen). And they tout their ability to serve multi-ethnic patients. In addition to providing testimonials by Spanish-speaking patients and offering a blog in Spanish, their website showcases an array of patients of all skin tones.


1 Reservoir Circle, Pikesville. 410- 602-3322.




Green Spring Station has long been known for its women’s fashion boutiques. But Maledetti Toscani is changing that with its fine leather shoes for men. This boutique started as a fall pop-up in 2016, but an overwhelming response from customers resulted in a permanent store for the Italian-made leather goods company.


The company started in Europe in 1848 and has expanded to20 stores all over Italy, the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.


In addition to shoes, wallets and jackets, the store also carries coats, travel bags and more. All products are free from chemicals. (They use a vegetable tanning process.)


All the products are made in Italy by local craftsmen and artisans. And while that makes the products expensive— riding loafers start at $276 and motorcycle boots sell for $540—they are well-made and look opulent.


“Leather soles have disappeared,” said the company’s manager, Barry Braverman. “Most companies use rubber bottoms. Our leather soles will literally fold in your hands. It’s flexible. People become addicted to the comfort of our shoes.”


Another reason the shoes resonate: they’re classic.


“They looked good 10 years ago, and they’ll look good now,” Braverman said.


10803 Falls Road, Lutherville-Timonium. 410-847-4111.




“If it’s available in a grocery store, then we don’t have it,” said Larry Watts, manager of the store serving Hampden for 15 years. Its nutrition rich pet foods resonate with upscale pet owners; likewise, the knowledgeable staff and even Beauregard, the house tabby who’ll ask for a head scratch on your way out.


3531 Chestnut Ave., Hampden. 410- 235-2469.