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“It doesn’t matter their ages, people like to see food prepared at their table,” manager Miha Lee says. Whether it’s bulgogi (marinated beef ), jaeyook gui (spicy pork slices) or one of a dozen other barbecue dishes, the meal comes with a dizzying array of sides which may include kimchi, pickled radish, lotus roots and Korean-style broccoli, steamed and seasoned with garlic and sesame oil.


Regular fare features everything from seafood casseroles and stir-fried octopus to boiled dumplings filled with beef, pork and vegetables. Or try the hae jang gook, a spicy soup which, according to the menu, is “reputed to cure all hangovers.”


Chopsticks are the tools of choice; if you want a fork, ask. Shin Chon provides “training chopsticks” for children.


Despite its location in an Ellicott City shopping plaza, sandwiched amid four other Asian restaurants, Shin Chon does a brisk business. On weekends, the wait for a table can be an hour. (Leave your cell number with the hostess and go check out the Korean market several doors down.)


8801BaltimoreNational Pike,#25B, Ellicott City. 410-461-3280. 




Here, you get great food with a side order of adventure. “Organized chaos” is how owner Joe DiPasquale describes the bustle inside his vintage Highlandtown deli. Come noon, the cramped place is packed with people of all ages choosing from among the 40-plus sandwiches, wood-fired pizzas and a colorful display of sides and salads, here and at a second locale in Harborview. Somehow, it works. No one has left hungry for more than 30 years.


3700 Gough St., Highlandtown, 410-276-6787; 500 Harborview Drive, Inner Harbor, 443-963-1872;